Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Messy Son VS. Tidy Son

Sometimes a brother has to do what a brother has to do!

Little brother was placed in Time-Out so big brother can just clean things up, you see Christopher is not the tidy kid that brother wants him to be. Every now and again Daniel just gets fed up with the mess in their bedroom and puts Christopher in timeout  so he can clean up the mess with out having to get all upset with little brothers relaxed ways of dealing with HIS messes.

Doesn't look to happy does he? It's just a pose he likes time out, especially when brother puts him there!

The mischievous  smile gives it away (he HATES cleaning up) and he gets his way. This is the only time he can get his way with Daniel, because Daniel likes things in a certain order.

Daniel does of course give him toys to play with while he is out of his hair.

What a poser, he wanted me to show people this picture to show how mean brother is, I on the other hand thought that Daniel dealt with it well, save the head aches and just do it yourself. Notice Christopher has a cup of juice, toys, paper, pens and ate his snack all compliments of a brother that just wants to get things done.

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