Saturday, April 24, 2010

Our Pets

As Requested a running tally of our family pets at this current moment and a little something about each. Then at the bottom a little run down on some of the care. 

Feline :
 Earl -  
  • "the giant" when standing on hind legs can reach things on the kitchen counter. 
  • the Peacemaker of all our cats, he is the  one that ends the fights. 
  • Oh, and he talks "Ma" =I'm in the room look at me,  "Me" = Daniel,  "Now"= I want out.
Ruby -  
  • "The sleek one" shes Christopher's princess. 
  • She is the mother to Apple but you would never know it from I don't get dirty, sophisticated lady behavior. 
  •  Ruby will Not drink room temperature water it has to be slightly chilled and her food can not be older than three hours or she will not eat.
 Apple - 
  • The daughter to Ruby. 
  • She has a mind of her own  and does what she wants, when she wants. 
  • A scavenger, because she will eat what she wants even if she has to dig to get it.  
  • She will make you MAD! It's all over though when she does her cute eyes at you and falls asleep in the most precious positions.
  • The matriarch with her distinguished grey hair. 
  • She is twice as old as the other cats.
  • Very skittish, there are only three people that can pet her.

Aquatics :
  • She's a Goldfish. 
  • A bully at times. 
  • Swims around like a shark
  •  A sister to Robot.
  • She's a Goldfish. 
  • The life of the tank. 
  • She will swim at an angle and flounder around to get your attention.
  • After feeding I have to leave the room so she will eat , she will stay in the corner flipping about watching me if I don't.
  • Very nosey, if I have to move something in the tank with her still in it she will be right by my hand the whole time.
  • Is a Comet Goldfish
  • New to the tank and has not been sexed yet.
  • The biggest of the fish.
  • Very mellow
  • He is a Fiddler Crab. 
  • He has the biggest Claw as of now (He's alpha).
  • His claws are one medium and one tiny. 
  •  His territory is the Bubble sanctuary that I made and guards it well. 
  • He is a Fiddler Crab. 
  • Did have the biggest of the claws until Lucy loped it off .
  • Has only one small claw for now, nothing on the other side.
  • Has laid claims to the ships mast, and waves at all the fish that swim by. 
Cinderella  - 
  • A small Sucker Fish. 
  • Steals and hides the algae disks when the chance presents itself.
  • Has been caught trying to enter the Bubble  sanctuary and had to be rescued.
  • Fears No fish or crab. 
Chocolate Bar
  • A small Sucker Fish. 
  • Guards the missing Algae disks under the ship.
  • Does not leave the ship.
  • Very scared of the other fish.
  • Is a small Snail. 
  • Presumed missing in action two months ago has reappeared.
  • Has a stealth mode of getting around. 
  • Goes way to close to the filter and amazingly does not get sucked up.

Other pets:
  • A worm. 
  • Is still alive after two seasons. 
  • Was little, is now  large.
  • Loves celery 
  • Don't know what sex it is, I have not bothered lifting up its tail. 
  •  Will be finding a home in my garden soon. 
  • is a little Black Beetle.

So that is "14 " PETS  give or take right now!  

All Aquatics are housed in a locked aquarium to protect them from other pets and to keep the crabs from escaping. I handle ALL Aquarium needs when fish are in it, the boys do not handle any of the fish. They DO get to name all the fish, feed them measured out flakes or the Algae disks, choose all the props for the tank, and help clean the equipment and rocks when needed. 
Against what most believe Fiddler crabs have to have air to breath and to dry out in, they are shipped on a damp paper towel to fish stores and are not submerged in any way. That is why I have made ours a "bubble sanctuary" to air out. This is also the reason that most crabs will try to escape their enclosure. 

All worms stay in a ice cream tub with small holes poked in the lid so they don't escape and dry out. The worms container is out of the sun (never place your worm farm in direct sun light) and worm/s is are fed once every 10-14 days, the boys are allowed to handle the worm/s with clean wet hands and are allowed to add moisture to the soil if needed. They do all the feeding and care. A worm farm can last for two years or more with good care, with great care and good food like our last farm the worms will MULTIPLY!

Our pets are NEVER fed to other pets even if one dies...that's just gross!

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