Saturday, May 14, 2011

Over Achiever

I am beginning to think that my dog Taffy is an over achiever. As many know we got her puppy trained by giving her a little puppy treat every time she went #1 an #2. We gradually weaned her down to just a treat when she went #2. She now lets us know that she needs a treat for being a good girl and will feel shameful when she misses and hide from us. Yesterday after she had been rewarded for a job well done she went back into the room where her puppy pad is and was there for quite awhile. She returned to my side really excited for me to go see what she had done. To my surprise she had a #2 on every corner of the pad, so I only gave her one treat. Then I noticed her looking at the wonderful work she had done one at a time then looking back at me, I think this dog can count. So, I picked up her messes and continued with my chores. Next thing I know I am hearing whining from the kitchen, she had camped herself out right in front of the dresser where we store her treats. So I gave that little cry baby three more treats, only because I thought the whole thing was funny and off she went to go play with the cat.

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