Friday, November 7, 2008

Stinky Friday

This is what goes on when I get tired and bored. No, I don't
turn green, I play with my photos. This lizard was just asking
for it, the expression on its face is a "Go On Mess With Me
I Dare You ". This is also what I do when I am extremely
frustrated and need to calm down.

Why is it just when you think you have your kids well
one gets really sick. Poor Christopher has sever allergies,
asthma, and to top that off he just came down with some
kind of an infection. He is miserable, I really did not know
how bad he felt until this morning when he told me he
wanted to wear his Elmo slippers to go to the doctor when
I had not even made him an appointment. Its strange how
he will let you know when he wants to see a doctor. When I
was little I was petrified of any one who looked like they
 worked at any kind of health clinic. This guy gets down
to the knitty gritty and tells the doctor he don't feel well
and answers questions that are asked.

The only thing I find strangely amusing about having to
visit the doc all the time is that Christopher talks about
 being a doctor to fix his bears and brother. REALLY!!
He must really be impressed with the medical profession.
I think he will make a great doctor some day.


Knock On Wood said...

Praying that your little doc gets much better and quickly!

Enjoying the journey... said...

Cool pictures!
Christopher probably will be a doctor....God is preparing him even now for something....maybe that is why he is so comfortable in the medical setting.
I am feeling for you on the constant can really wear mom seems we are always getting over something.