About Me

I am me (Charlotte) 

I like to craft, no I love it 

I am married to a great guy named Ashley

Ashley does custom finish work and trim carpentry

We have two sons Daniel and Christopher

One step daughter Sierra

Daniel is 9 years old and is a 5th grader (the youngest in his grade)

Christopher is 7 and is in 2nd grade

Sierra is 14 and will be gracing the halls of Junior High as a 8th grader 

We have pets: 3 cats, 2 dogs, 2 fish and mommy says no more

I work at a Christian Academy as a teaches aide to the Terrific Three's and Kindergarten

If I am not found with my kids I am at the sewing machine or helping my darling husband with his work 

I run a craft site "The Charlotte Letters" and have had many of my creations featured