Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Looking back at Mothers Day

Two Words "My Son" the oldest one. He is honorary, and he knows it! I was looking at all the things that the boys made me for Mothers Day and had to laugh at some of the things Daniel wrote, boy he is a funny one. 

First we have this cute card
Front of Daniel's card
Inside Daniel's card
 At least he likes my cooking


OK, I don't know what this was about but it is hilarious! 
Daniel's paper bag he gave me
The contents of the bag Daniel gave me
Have you read them closely, if not do so now.

 Let me just say this, I have NEVER had any problems with Daniel pooing or peeing himself, ever! What was he trying to tell me, to be thankful that he doesn't, your guess is as good as mine. Now the doing the dishes paper, daddy still does those. 


Now for Christopher serious card 
 Front of Christopher's
Inside of Christopher's
 He says that Mothers Day is not a day for joking around.

I LOVE those guys so much, even when they are too funny for their own breaches. 

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