Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sick And Sicker

Well  this sounds as if it came out of a 
horror film, I promiseit did not.
My little boy woke up this morning with
his ear crusted to side of his head
and when I was cleaning it up his ear started
to drain out puss. Yuck....
So when I called up to the hospital to ask
if I needed to bring Christopher
in or not they would not talk because of
something called hippa/heppa
or something along the lines of that.
I just put both boys in the car and
headed to the ER. I was only going to
get Christopher examined but
something told me to do both boys.
Thank God I did Daniel was sick as well
with an infection. Christopher has an ear
infection (remember he has tubes)
to top off all the other ailments going on
 with him. Daniel has a sinus infection
he really has not acted like he is sick,
he has been busy babying little
brother. The part of their ER visit I
don't under stand is they gave us a
prescriptions that we can't fill until
tomorrow...Yeah I get to put up with
the whining for another night.
We really need another pharmacy
here, one that stays open and always
has some one on call for those
unexpected ER scrips. I mean really
what good is it to take your
kids to the ER if they can't give
them anything. The simple way
would have been telling me on
the phone to start with to just
visit the doc the next day
(and it would have been cheaper too).


amy wright said...

You are not kidding! I can't remember how many times I took the boys into the ER only to find out I should have just waited until the next day. I'm sorry and hope that the boys get better really soon.
By the way, how do you feel about Christopher's tubes? We may have to have that done with Olivia...tubes and adenoids. I'm just curious to see how people who have had it done for their kids feel about it.

Kara and Dave said...

Oh bless their little hearts. I hope they are feeling better soon. Did your ENT give Christopher drops to put in his ear when he has an infection? I agree, we definitely need a pharmacy open 24 hours a day, why doesn't the hospital do that???? UGGH. Hang in there sweetie.