Thursday, June 18, 2009


LOST one Tooth!

The first to go and more on their way. It is so hard for me I look at Daniel and not see a very mature big boy. When something small happens or is lost I have one of those mother reality checks and I have to remind myself "He's only Five". He acts and thinks way ahead of his years and I find it hard to not treat him like he is a few years older.

You have heard that most eldest children path the way for younger siblings? He is the exception to that theory, he is the third born and acts as if he is the oldest and he paths the way for big sister and little brother. Everything he learns is usually the hard way and in turn they learn from him. You may have also have learned that some children when needing discipline need spankings and some just need a look.  He is one of those that learn the best from a spanking while little brother just gets the look and acts as if he was the one that had the spanking.

He is also the one that just this week came up with the most ingenious way of disciplining that I have ever heard of. -Keep Reading Please, It Gets Funny-    I was locked out of the house the other day (all doors) by one of the kids and no one would own up to it (in fact sister thought it was funny that she was on the inside and I was on the outside). Knowing that I was mad Daniel was the only one that spoke and he told me that he did not do it and that he thought that it was mean of who ever did it. Then he continued to tell me that he would do his age in time out with the rest of them if no one fessed up so that someone got the discipline that they needed. So, I agreed and the time out buzzers were set 3, 5, and 10. This was great to watch because I knew that he knew who had done it and didn't want to get this person in trouble but knew that some thing needed to be done. Awhile latter after all of the timers had went off I over heard him telling one of them "the next time you do something dumb I will not do a time out! Instead I will tell and let you  get in trouble and have age times two in the corner with nobody there with you".

He is beyond his years and that is why I LOVE this crazy son of mine.

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Knock On Wood said...

I know it wasn't funny when you were locked out, but that is a very funny story!