Friday, September 17, 2010

Thats Not Me!

She's gone, the mom that used to worry about little things or do the oddest things just because she thought it was the best way.

The mom that would get to her kids school 20-30 minutes early to pick him up just in case he would be out and she did not want her poor child to think his mommy abandoned him.
I might arrive on time now days, maybe a minute or two late, hey he's got friends to entertain him. Her thought "Just as long as she's not the last parent she's still a good parent"!

The lady that would throw every thing away if it touch the floor if it was meant to go into her child's mouth.
Now if it has been on the floor more than ten seconds it might go to the trash. Hey, if it don't kill them it will only make them stronger.

What about the mom that would clean every day and would cook all the time just because that's what she thought was expected of her to do as a new mom.
Now days cleaning gets done when it absolutely can't go another day with it the way it has become. The cooking, we make lots of sweets still but the labor intensive planned meals not so much. Her theory is that if there is some playing to do with the kids it needs to be done first so we eat a lot of cereal when we are having fun.

She would wake a kid from sleep just to give him medicine when he was sick.
Her kids now sleep through a scheduled medicine time. As long as they are asleep they are getting better through rest. All medicines are given when they wake or she makes the med times ones that only naps would interfere with.

There are other really crazy things but these are some at the top of the list.

My Point is: Kids don't remember all of the stuff we think is important, they remember how much fun they had and who they had it with.



amy wright said... it. It takes us a while to come to our senses as moms, but eventually we do, right?

Sewn Together said...

so true...amen.