Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bear Bubbles

How do you get the favorite bear clean when he accidentally gets dirty during the night? I will tell you, wipe what you can off of him, swaddle the pore thing like a burrito and hand it back to the child. Why would I hand a nasty bear back to my kid, well it is emotionally easier on the kid and you if he gets to keep bear to finish up the nights rest. So, I keep old receiving blankets that are perfect size for a little bear and it also helps that bear has a special blanket to calm sick guys down. 

In the morning unwrap and prewash the smelly bear (I use dish soap). Set up a bath area for for your kid to give his bear a bubble bath. We chose "Baby Bath Body Wash" and "Elmo's Cherry Foam Soap"
 You can't see it in these photos but the body wash he is using has a little teddy bear on the front of it so it obviously is safe for use on bears.

 A little Elmo foam soap for the fur.
 He has had Bo Bear since he was six months old when he cried to have him from a store, that little bear has been the only thing to this day that he has ever cried for in a store. He is a special bear!
 The lid to the Elmo soap worked great for a bear sized rinse cup.
When he was done with bath time we placed the little cherry smelling bear into the washing machine on the "Spin Only" cycle to get him to a damp state and then he was as good as new. We don't dry bears in the dryer it melts their fluff filling and mats the fur.

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