Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Reward System

I have found that when training my kids I need a reward system. Daniel does a great job on something there is a reward, Christopher goes potty with no accidents there is a reward. The problem is I am rewarding myself to much, I've been going to the fridge and having a large spoonfuls of macaroon cookie dough as the reward. This is taking the toll on me and I have became a macaroon addict. Of course the boys have no idea that there is a reward system and I have almost been busted many times, so I need to find some other pleasure to reward myself with. So far I have tried other cookies and adding a extra diet Dr. Pepper to my routine but they just don't feel as daring as the cookie dough, that and it is school dough and there are only three big spoonful servings left.


Heather said...

Uh oh...that is REALLY good cookie dough! well once you are all out of that you can always come over and I will sneak you some Peanut Butter Fudge Brownie cookie dough....mmmmmmm
Ooops that wasnt very helpful was it? I guess I am more of your enabler! Ha! Love ya!

amy wright said...

Oh man! I love that stuff. Good thing I don't have any in my fridge!

Sewn Together said...

I hear you! I had an addiction with ice cream sandwiches one summer. I could almost put an entire sandwich in my mouth while I hid behind the freezer door! I was eventually busted by not only Ryan but Bret as well. The secret location of the ice cream sandwiches were compromised and I was never able to stash them away in our small pint sized freezer.