Thursday, January 8, 2009

Who Knew 5

Who knew that a kid at a really young age understands and knows just what to do to get their moms flustered. Christopher does!
The same time everyday he has his tea(sweetened of course) and a movie. Today I forgot to make the tea so when his tea time came along I was busy doing the dishes and kindly asked him to wait. He told me "no, I want my tea" I told him "well then I guess I get to finish these dishes and I will do it when I am done."  He did not like that to much so he went to get his stool and climbed up the cabinet and fetched the tea bags and proceeded to undo the bags telling me "I do it myself."
Realizing that I was not going to budge or help in any way he abandoned his plan and went to his plan B. This includes turning on a annoying Christmas bear that recites the Night before Christmas in a voice that even he don't like. He let the bear go three rounds of its story and with a sweet little voice he said "mommy, me turn it off you make tea?"
Now you have to understaind that this bear really is anoying and that every time Daniel turns the bear on Christopher enters the room to turn it off, thats how much he dislikes the crazy thing. So for him to suffer through three rounds it takes alot of strength on his part.
Well, I caved and went ahead and made the tea and as I was pouring it he told me "No, me want juice". He was meaning koolaid which is strange because he never drinks that stuff.
Well to make a long story short he had his glass of koolaid and then changed his mind back to wanting the "tea".

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amy wright said...

Haha! He's a smarty.