Wednesday, January 7, 2009

There's A Thief In The House

She looks sweet don't she!
This is one of her many adorable poses. Of course they are sleeping poses,
that's the only time I think that she is cute.

I had placed about 30 pins in a skirt hem that I am making for Sierra I thought nothing of leaving it for a few minutes to do some chores. I always leave projects out on my work table and when I get a extra time here and there I come back to it and do some work on them. This is how I get so much sewing done! I have noticed lately that when I pin something and leave it when I return I have pins that I don't remember leaving out on the table or my pattern books are not on the same pages that I left them.
Yesterday after leaving my work out and exposed to the sweet little cat I went off to do some house work like usual. It was Ashley and Christopher that discovered that on my work table was 30 pins piled in the corner and onto the floor. That adorable little kitty had carefully pulled each and every one of those pins out of the fabric. Man that cat is quick!
Whats weired is right before her doing that I had made an appointment for her to go get fixed. So, now I think I am going to have to start talking in code when I don't want the cat to know what I am talking about.


Heather said...

Lol, that is hilarious!! ;)
Love ya!!

Dana said...

Cats are slaves to no one! :)