Monday, May 25, 2009

Lady Butterflies (part two)

We have learned to place the habitat up high to keep the butterflies safe from curious cats. They spend their day in the boys bathroom attached to the shower rod out of the way. If the chrysalises are bumped and are moved around too much the butterflies will not develop properly and won't hatch.

All have hatched and are doing great. The tray in the bottom of the habitat has a paper towel in it that is saturated with sugar water as their food. The paper towel looks really gross it is really hard to replace the paper towel so I just rewet the same one each time it looks dry.

We will view them for a few days and then they will be released.

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Sewn Together said...

this is amazing...I had no idea you could even do something like this. What a great boy thing to do! I'm sure they've loved it and I would have too...neat!