Friday, February 5, 2010

Watercoloring Snow

This also helps pass the day while we wait for brother to get home from school, since I can not get my car out of the drive way and into the street with out the fear of getting stuck. Mom almost got stuck right out side my drive way in her suburban and it is four wheel drive so there is no chance that my low riding car will be leaving this yard for awhile. If the weather man is correct we have another three snows coming within the next week. If anyone has a spare snow shovel we could borrow we would be very grateful because we are using a 6" wide shovel and a shop broom to do our yard, our handicapped neighbors yard, and two elderly ladies yards that live down the street from us. We have a neighbor that has a tractor, but I think he got a kick out of watching us do the shoveling the old fashioned way Friday that he went in to warm up after he cleared out all of the snow from his driveway then shut the thing off!


Kara said...

What an awesome idea!!!

Clorissa said...

This is an awesome idea!!!! No doubt I will be putting this to use with winter coming!!!