Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ear Tubes!

For all of you that have little kids and have had to get tubes put in their ears you know just what a blessing they can be. We had Christopher done almost two years ago and I think it was one of the best things we could have done for the little guy. When he had his done he was not supposed to get them while having a ear infections but the ENT had no choice but to place them anyway because he had had already in the four months that led up to the surgery ten ear infections. 

There were the Scary parts  and also the AHH's when he had them.

The AHHH's:
  • First day of having them he told us he was hearing new noises and simply he felt good.
  • With in the first month of having them his speech improved.
  • His balance improved immediately.   
  • He stopped complaining when we would travel in the car, no more popping of his ears. 
  • I could now wash his hair with out worrying about him getting water in his ears causing swimmers ear.
  • He has only had two ear infections in the last two years!
  • Tubes last for 6-9 months, his right 21 months and left he still has! 

The Scary:
  • The stuff used to knock him out did not work so well.
  • He came to sick and really mad.
  • The first ear infection after (caused by Bronchitis) he had bloody pus to drain from his ear. Ech!!

With all of that said it is time for him to say good bye to his last tube and to his wonderful ENT. So, at the end of March if the last tube has not came out on its own he will have it removed and both ears will have a good flushing and he will be released from his doctors care. If the tube comes out before then he will only have the ears cleaned and flush out.

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Kara said...

Tubes were wonderful for David and didn't have one infection until they fell out. I pray for no more ear infections. {HUGS}