Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lady Butterflies (part three)

Release!  All but one took flight. This one decided that in her own time she would make her grand exit. This is the Lady Butterfly that originally held up the others from being placed in the habitat, she is also the smallest and the prettiest of them all.

She flew right to Daniel and stayed on his hand for some time. Daniel was all for the release of the butterflies he thought that it just would not be right to let them die in the habitat and he wanted them to go some where and lay eggs. 

Daniel the whole time was kind of giving it a little pep talk and enjoying the fact that the one he liked landed on his finger as if to say good bye.

The altogether life span of a Lady Butterfly is about 4-5 weeks. With 2 weeks as a caterpillar and 1 week as a chyrialis these beauties have 1-2 weeks left to lay eggs and to eventually die.
It was a great experiance for the boys to see the cycles of the life of a butterfly, they really had fun doing this.

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amy wright said...

It's so sad that they don't live very long. But they are very beautiful creatures!