Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Well, after the release of the butterflies Daniel decided to release his adult lady bugs. He kept the larva and ones in chrysalis to release them when they hatch. 

It cracks me up to see my sons do all the things that I loved to do when I was their age. I love the fact that when they find a new bug they don't just step one it they want to catch it and see what it does and to watch it do what it does. No, not all bugs make it out alive, a lot of them die in captivity because they like them so much. It's just the special ones that get released. 
If you are wondering they do know the difference between bugs that you can mess with and ones that you can not, they do their research by checking out the bug books from the library. Living in town we have tons of black widows, brown recluse, centipede and blister bugs. I have done away with our sand box because I noticed that black widows love the sand and out of the five years we had it the boys only got to play with it in the fall and winter months. 

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