Thursday, May 28, 2009

Home Made Hair Cuts

As everyone knows Christopher has never had a really short hair cut before, that is before now. He liked to brush his hair and plus he gets a really crazy mo-hawk if his hair is not long enough to weigh it down. He decided last night when Daniel had his regular home made hair cut that he wanted one too, but he wanted a surprise and named what the surprise would be. This boy sat still the whole time I clipped his hair for a half empty bottle of hair gel. Yes, he loves the stuff and before I wouldn't let him go out in public with it in with his not so short hair. So far we have reapplied gel at least eight times in the last 24 hours because he loves the spiky feeling and it keeps getting worn down.

Above is Before the hair cut.

(this photo is two months old his hair was alot longer than this)

After the proud hair gel wearing Christopher.

Below is both boys after their hair cuts.