Sunday, July 12, 2009

This years black thumb

Usually by this time of the year I have already blanched and frozen tons of veggies. NOT this year. Is it just to hot or is it just a bad year for my garden? Has anyone else had problems with their gardens? Mine just sits there and grows nothing but the puniest tomatoes, peas and yet to see beans and peppers, what gives. I have watered, it has rained, weeds have been pulled, the plants have been fertilized and I don't have a clue why these plants are acting the why they are.
Last year I quit my garden early August because I had had enough zucchini and squash to last me a life time. When I came back to it late September to turn it over and get it ready for winter it had some very big surprises for me, seven giant zucchinis and lots of cool shaped squash.
I have had a  large mystery plant show up that at first I thought was a snap pea plant but it has just spread and bloomed flowers with no fruit of veggies attached to it. The only reason I have not got rid of it is that I have received complements on how pretty it is and if all else fails I have a good looking mystery plant.
Some of my cherry and pear tomatoes have had a little assistance being harvested by a three year old, we have had to have the "let them ripe before picking" talk. I think these are the only tomato plants that have been doing well this year and unfortunately I have neglected them badly.

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