Wednesday, April 6, 2011

One Down, One To Go....

Monday was the day my long arm cast was buzzed off, but I am posting about it today. I was not about to take a picture and post it with my arm looking like a molting snake.
New cast and its "waterproof"
This is my Exos cast that was shaped to my wrist, yes it is water proof, so I can get it compleatly wet. I am not doing the dishes yet, I can't grip because my cast has a thumb spika. Don't let its looks fool you, I had someone come up and touch it and was surprized that it was hard, it only looks soft. It's also removable, it was removed yesterday for x-rays, but it takes two people to get it on and off, which is a good because I'm not supose to take it off.

Did you know that the "Drimil Saw" they use to cut casts off won't cut through skin? Thats right, it looks and works just like a drimil tool with one exception, the blade does not rotate, it vibrates. When it touches the skin lightly it sort of tickles, heavier force will make red lines on skin, I have a few.

I would like to say that it is a relief to get the long arm cast off, but my arm muscles and elbow say other wise. 

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