Tuesday, March 29, 2011


So far I can't:

Tie my own shoes  
Daniel does it for me before he goes to school.

Wash my own hair 
Ashley does that.

Put my hair into a pony tail 
Ashley but not often (he hates hair when its up). I found I can do a slopy one if I contort my neck side ways, lift one leg, and do a sideways crunch.

Open cans and jars 
Daniel suprizingly can do this well, Ashley does it too sometimes.

Operate the oven 
Daniel puts things in before we turn oven on, oven is turned off five minutes before food is done and oven door gets opened all the way when food is done. I get to operate the knobs!  

Button my pants 
Ashley when at home, In public I hold it and wait for a gander of women to go then I ask for help, they usually think it is funny and help!

What I have learned is "Some times modesty and pride is a bad thing" and "Always have a friend on speed dial to come fasten your bra".

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