Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mother of the year Award

Ashley and I took Christopher to get his tube taken out of his ear Monday and boy was it an experience! The poor kid screamed bloody murder the whole time the ENT was scooping crud from his ear. I must admit at one point I thought that there was no way that he was going to be able to get the tube out with my squirmy child crying, but he did get it on the second attempt. I was never actually shown the size of the tubes when they got placed in to his ears all they said was that they are small so when I seen the thing it amazed me to see the actual size I thought the tube would be smaller. His whole ENT office experience lasted no more than fifteen minutes including waiting room time. We promptly left there to go in search of some Tylenol because Christopher was in pain. As soon as we got him dosed mommy did it, mommy broke her number one rule having to do with Christopher! He was complaining that the medicine I gave him tasted really bad and had asked for something to help with the taste so I reluctantly gave my child a MINT!! For all of you that know me I will just about scream at anyone that gives him hard candies because it don't matter how big or small it is he ALWAYS chokes on them and that is exactly what happened. We were going down the highway and all of a sudden we hear a choking noise from the back, I pretzel twist myself to the back trying to help him, Ashley can't pull over because of traffic and the whole time Christopher is trying to gag the thing up. Just about the time Ashley got the car pulled over Christopher vomited and out it came. Talk about a rough day for the little guy.

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