Tuesday, August 16, 2011

12:00 AM with the Animals

If the humans don't get to sleep neither do all the animals that are piled on top of them. I decided to see what would happen if the animals thought that I wanted to play, so I went with a photo shoot.

First client: Elizabeth only because she was the closest to my camera.

Second client: Taffy, I didn't make it to the bed for her picture she was too curious about what Elizabeth and I were doing and met me half way to the bed.

Third: Buttercup, she knew what was happening and gave me the look of "Okay, I will go to sleep. Look I'm Sleepy"

Second client: "Again please, I'm in bed and I'm sleepy too!"

Forth client Ruby: She refused to partake, and gave me the "I'll scratch you if you come any closer" look.

 Back to client one:  I decided I needed to quit after this shot because she thought it was a game and wanted me to pet and brush her.

The animals used for this post were not harmed in any way, they were just tired afterwards. We all slept really well after this photo shoot, not a bark, purr, sniff, or meow was to be heard, except from Elizabeth who still wanted to be brushed.

True Story

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