Monday, August 15, 2011

Vines with Life

I am, lets say, AMAZED at how my Valiant Grape Vines are doing this year. I once, twice thought they were dead, but now they live. Its funny how they have done considering I have pruned the life (or so I thought) out of them and left them to do what they would.
April's Vines: Front vine is "Right Valiant", Middle is "Left Valiant" and the far end is "Left Reliance".

If you squint your eyes just right you can see how "Left Valiant" looked back  in April.

Here is "Right Valiant" in the middle of July, notice any growth? Sometime in here Sierra and I ate some 20 grapes. It did not fruit too much because I continued to water so it would grow instead of quitting so it could fruit.

"Left Valiant" middle of July. This one got its whole height (3 feet) cut off on accident in May but it grew back with super strong vines and is the same height as the other. It did not fruit this year.

"Left" and "Right Valiant" in the middle of July.

"Right Valiant" 2nd week of August. I chopped off the really low shoots to clean it up a bit.

The top of the trellis of Left and Right Valiant 2nd week of August.

Now if only my Reliance Grape Vines would get the idea and grow, they have stayed the same height since May and that is about 1 1/2 feet tall.

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