Friday, August 12, 2011

In the Garden - Aug. 11

Bumpkin Pumpkin or Peanut Pumpkin. Its about the size of a cantaloup right now and will grow 4x that in size by the time it is harvested.

This is a Cashew, it escaped the garden patch and is hanging over the fence in the neighbors yard. They don't mind they love watching it grow.

Some kind of gourd Daniel planted in his patch. It looks like a Easter egg that was put together with two different colored shells.

Okay, this was not supposed to have happened but one of my Giant pumpkins has made its way up our portico and will fruit on top. I asked Ashley if he minded harvesting on top of the portico and he said that's fine but I don't think he realizes they will be BIG! For those that ask why I let it do this, you don't know how fast these grow, this bad boy was left unmanned only for a day.

Pretty little gourd

There is either a Long Island Cheese or a cross breed Ghost Pumpkin in the back ground.

Not sure what this is yet, but it was just too cute not to notice.

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