Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sicker Than A Dog

photo: 3 days into antibiotics
 Yes, this is what a sick dog looks like. Poor Taffy licked something or someones shoe that had been around other dogs and got a REAL nasty Intestinal Infection. This little girl was on THE downward spiral and had to wait a couple days until she could be seen by anyone.

photo 5 days into antibiotics
 Luckly her she had a buddy to snuggle and help make her lay down and rest.

Taffy and Buttercup
Snuggling like this does not happen, Taffy usually can not stay in one position for Buttercup to get comfy. This day they were both in Taffy's bed for hours with little movement form both.

Its been three weeks and she is her self once again!

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