Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hearing Things

Has anyone heard of a "Mosquito Ringtone"? Whilst in public I get this horrible ringing in my ears when surrounded by teens, I could not figure it out. I had my ah ha moment this morning when checking blogs that I follow and one of them was talking about ringtones that only teens and small children can hear. So, I got curious to can I hear these noises and are these those noises that have been rattling my brain when teens are around. Sure enough my hearing is that of a person younger than 24, I am hearing 19khz. I can almost hear 20khz it gives my ear drums a slight irritation so that would make my hearing between 18 years old and 24, not bad for someone that is ten years past that point. So, if you are in public and you see a teen all of a sudden check there phone like it has just rang it probably did and you could not hear it.
Check Yours and leave a comment.


amy wright said...

15 khz 39 and younger. But I could BARELY hear it. If I didn't know to listen for it, I wouldn't hear it at all.

Clorissa said...

Hi Charlotte,

I had heard about this Mosquito Ringtone before, pretty cool.

I hear the 19khz, the 24 and younger set. I will be 40 in December, at least my ears are still young. LOL!