Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Little Brothers Big Patient

 We have placed a air up mattress on the living room floor for Daniel to sleep on since he can't climb his bunk bed ladder. The funny thing is Christopher has set up shop right next to his brother so he won't be by himself.
 He has not wanted to get off the air up mattress because it takes lots of energy to use the crutches.
Brothers patient is one fussy one and is enjoying bossing little brother around. Christopher don't mind he has been telling Daniel that he is his little helper. Christopher is sweet that he takes every bit of the grouchy mood that Daniel can dish out. We will see just how long this will last, but then agian Christopher loves to take care of Daniel.

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Clorissa said...

Poor guy. What happened? So sweet that little brother wants to help take care of him.

I am here at your blog because of some traffic that came into my blog from yours...I see that I am on your sidebar under "People That I Enjoy Reading" How cool. Although I neglect my blog so much there hasn't been much to read! I'm trying to change that. :)

I like your blog.I will visit often.