Saturday, August 14, 2010

Simple Enough Right

I had ordered  Daniel's and Christopher's uniforms for school almost two months ago and just got to have a little of my order. It is one week until school starts for the both of them and the lady gives away Christopher special ordered size 4 slims because of a customer that ordered her kids uniforms right before me ordered the wrong size and then realized it after the store placed the order. The stores point of view the first customer was in first so she has first dibs on the pants even though I was the one to place the order for the size 4 slim pants. I WILL NEVER Ever USE THIS LOCAL STORE AGAIN!  I will order online like I usually do, the online store  gives a percent directly to the kids school anyways so no skin off my back not buying local. The person at the store did tell me she was ordering me the pants and they would be in next week as all orders only take a week to get in, "a week" did she not mean two months or has my order came in many times and been given away. All I have to say is "What a crappy and very dishonest way to do business".

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Sewn Together said...

The days of good customer service seem to be vanishing. I hear ya sista...frustrating! Hope you get it resolved!