Thursday, August 12, 2010


See some thing missing?
Mommy had to trick Daniel to get a dangly tooth out of his mouth so that he did not swallow it. He likes to leave his teeth just barely holding on until he will pull them out. I told him if he was to tie a string around the tooth with some Oral Gel he could pull on it to help it out. Once the string was in there good and he had his fill of pulling (he was not pulling hard) he wanted the string removed. That's when I told him that the string was tied so tightly that he would have to go ahead and twist the tooth out to get the string out. Knowing that he would not pull the tooth by himself mommy had to hold him down and twisted the tooth sideways to free it. It took about ten minutes to convince him that mommy needed to do it and two seconds to twist the tooth out. The funny thing is he did not feel it come out and wanted me not to pull it out after the "first attempt" then I showed him the tooth and reminded him that he would of felt it if not for the Oral Gel I used. 

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