Saturday, October 11, 2008

Who Knew?

Who knew that big brothers that irritate little brothers
should not  climb into empty pullups cases/boxes.
Christopher sure knew it. He pined his brother in a box and
had the pore guy crying. All I know is I heard Daniel screaming for 
help and little brother was sitting atop a box giggling.
I freed him (after I left the room to quickly laugh.)
I guess as they get older I have to start keeping
the "good toys" from them like boxes or just
invest in a quality set of refrigerator boxes.

So now I have been educated on the art of trapping
irritating big brothers in boxes that I wouldn't
have thought a small cat could even fit into.

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Enjoying the journey... said...

This is so funny----thanks for the laugh! So fun to find you in the blogging world! I went on line the the churchs website to listen to Ashley's testimony but didn't find it there---I will have to ask the church for a cd copy. The kids said it was amazing.