Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Call From Scotland

Thursday I recieved an unexpected call from on of Ashley's
friends that lives in Scotland. He called when
Ashley was not in so he could personally put
his wife on the phone to thank me for a present that we had
sent her. You seeshe has been recently declaired blind and can
only see shadows of things around her. In the past
she was a avid reader and one of her favorite books was
the Bibleand devotional study books. The thought accured to us that
if she had no way of reading it she needed a way to listen to it,
 so we went on a hunt for a compleate bible of CD. We found your
fully instrumentle to specail sounds effects all the way to mp3
compatable. Then we found IT a 63 disc King James version
bound in a nice leather case with no sound effects just a narrator. 
When we spoke on the phone she was crying, she said that it took
her putting one of the cds in  a cd player to fully understaind what
she had recieved.  Her husband knew what she had recieved
but did not tell her he just told her to play one of the discs
to find out what she had. It took her a good while to calm
down enough just to talk and she had told me that she was really
missing the fact that she had no wayof enjoying the bible.

Long story short I was feeling blah that day and wondering why
I had even botheredgetting out of bed and their call was the
only call (out of 8) that I answered that morning.
Their phone number or any info does not show on our caller id,
so the fact that I even answered it is a miricle. I had all but forgotten
about sending it thinking that was the last I would here about it.
It took our parcel three weeks to get there and when
it did arrive someone was blessed by our actions.
It made my day!!!!

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