Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Who Said Ride along Cars Where Just For Babies

Well, if they can still fit their rear-ends in them they are
not exclusivly for babies.

We have a jeep, car, pickup and a tractor.
Yeah, we have to lock our gate at night so we
don't wake up to toys to put away.

When this was Daniels it was wallpapered in stickers
from elmo all the way to PETA stickers.
No, we are NOT tree huggers the stickers came in the mail,
they looked cool so we cut the other junk off of them and 
slapped them on the truck.
Christopher likes to do his own decorating but only low key.

1 comment:

Ilene said...

Very fun cars! If gas prices keep going the way they are, we will ALL need to find some of those cars:)