Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Papa's Farm

We went to my dads farm for the weekend so the
boys could see their Papa and run around.

It used to be an active farm that belonged to my
granparents before they passed away a few years
ago. Now my dad has moved there because of a job 
transfer in that area.

Its not farmed any more but I think all of the old tractors,
trucks, cars, soap weeds, old chicken coops and
bunk houses are a nice reminder of the past.

While there we went to an auction and found some
 nice treasures. We also attended a small church that 
was 30 miles out into the country.  Mostly really
old people but, they loved that there were little
boys in the santuary and could not keep thier eyes
and hands off of the boys.

Daniel had lots of fun helping unload things from the
back of his Papas truck.

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