Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Who Knew 2

Who knew your kids "WILL" give you a nick name behind your back.

I was listening to the boys play in their room on the monitor, I
like to hear them playing.  It makes me feel good to know that
they are getting along.
Well, todays play was based around them having a buisness
meeting and going though lists all the while sitting on
stools in thier room. I could hear Daniel start

"I'm Here.....CHECK"
"Christophers here...CHECK"
"Everyone has a notebook....CHECK"
"Is everybody doing fine"
"Did everyone bring food"
"Well last time we dicussed why not all bears can
sleep on Christophers bed."

At that moment I started to laugh.

"Hold on guys I'll be back"

Daniel enters the room  I'm in, looks around and then
leaves to go back to his bedroom.

"We are going to have to move this meeting
to another room"
"The BOSS has the listening machine on."
"The BOSS can hear every word we say, we can't
tell any secrets in this room."

Then I hear Christopher say

"MOMMY BOSS shhhhh, ohhhh"

Daniel said

"Yea, the BOSS likes to hear secrets"
"Lets go in the other bedroom. BOSS can't
hear us in there."

By this point I was both laughing and shocked at
the same time. They called me BOSS. What, Wait I'm
not BOSS I'm Mommy. How could they say that.
I realized then that maybe pretending to deal with
fake situations could be helping them deal with the
real ones. Even if I am the one that they are dealing
with real or imaginar.

Soon after my name went back to Mommy and what
a nice sounding name to hear, even if they did not say
the other to my face.

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amy wright said...

Oh, this is great! Too funny!! I still have a monitor in my boys' room but they haven't figured out that I can hear every word that they say. It just hasn't clicked...yet!