Thursday, October 23, 2008

Daniel Takes Safety Lessons

Daniel and the Chipmonk

Daniel wanted to participate in the sport of shooting clay
pigeons with his papa at the farm. He had never held
or even fired anything but his pretend guns. His papa
has rules for participation, you HAVE TO go through his
gun safety lessons. This  is a weekend training where you
don't even get to look at a real one until he thinks your
ready. He was tested on the proper ways on handling,
storing, where to staind when someone else
is shooting and aiming in which he had to tell
his papa on drawn diagrams which one were right and
wrong. There are other requirements too, you have to
be over five, you have to want to learn, and all
little shooters have to learn on the chipmonk.
The chipmonk is a light wieght riffle that is disigned
for kids between 5 and 8 with  smaller demintions than
an adult sized riffle. This is the same one that all 7
of my brothers and sisters were trained on.
When Daniel finially made the grade his papa and he
set up 3 small metal target animals (a turkey, pig and
a really itty chicken). His papa helped him get his stance
and help him get his arms positioned just right then
he let Daniel go. The very first shoot he did he nailed
that itty bitty chicken. "WOW I thought"
Papa said "He's just like his mommy"
Daniel thought if was great and wanted to
go again and again.

Now another 3 years for Christopher

Yes I will admit I do shoot. I have about a 90%
accuracy long range and 98% short range.
Small Chickens NO PROBLEM!

I think one of the reasons he did so well is because
we make him follow most of the rules when he plays
with pretend guns and that he knows that they can
hurt or even kill if you don't handle them properly.
One of my rules has been when he first wanted play
guns was that there would be no pointing at others
and no pretend to kill people and I do stick with it.

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