Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Gardening Lesson Learned

 Lesson 1:
Never leave a six year old in charge of planting flowers when he really wants pumpkins! 

 Do these look like dainty little flowers, I think not. These my friends are a variety of pumpkin called Cinderella, they get really big, grow in one direction and usually only have one fruit on them.
 When I asked the little stinker where my flower seeds went he said "I don't know maybe the trash". He was the only one that knew that these bad boys were not my flowers. 
 We had agreed that this year we would skip the pumpkins and just do veggies. My tiny stretch of garden he planted these in is too narrow to accommodate the vines let alone the hibiscus and peppers behind the pumpkins.
I asked Daniel why he might have done such a thing and his reply was that we BOTH would get what we wanted, me "some big flowers" and him "his pumpkins".

Lesson 2:
TRUST.. I trust that little toot to do what he thinks is right! He obviously thought about the pumpkins and the fact that I really only wanted flowers, it did not matter what kind so he made the decision to plant the Cinderellas.

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