Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Listening and Reading the Good Word!

Christopher had fallen asleep listening to his CD bible stories yet again, his best naps happen this way! He tries his best to keep up with the stories and turn the pages but he never makes it past #23 in each CD story book.

Some of the other favorite reads and musts are:

The Snuggle-Up Story Book is one that brother and sister can read to him and it lets the kids take charge in devotional time, plus it is a Chunky board book so I'm not afraid of it getting ruined. We have a few others that they read together too, like this one.

This is the only MUST participate book we have, Devotions for Preschoolers. We read this every night before the kids go to bed and everyone must sit there and listen. It is a preschooler devotional but it does hit older kids bases to with different thoughts every night to think about. This is our third year to do this one we will be looking for another soon.

100 Bible Stories is kind of Christopher's book. When he needs time to himself I put the CD on and he follows along. This book is very helpful when you have chores to do and  no time to read

Another helper 100 Bible Hero's, yet another of Christopher's picks.
Our list of books goes on but for right now these are the ones that have the most rotations.

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Enjoying the journey... said...

thanks for the suggestions....Abi loves her books on cd at naptime, we need a new one...time to pass the others to Joshua. thanks for posting