Friday, May 8, 2009

A Fishy Looking Present

The boys wanted to wrap Ashley's birthday present up yesterday and when it was finished it really looked funny. Daniel thought that it looked like he had wrapped a big fish and wanted to take it one step further and draw on the paper some fins and eyes. So, it ended up looking like a dead fish.

I think that it is very fitting for his gift to look like a fish, since he does every now and again talk about getting fresh fish from the seaside markets wrapped in paper and that here where we live you can't get proper fish (nuggets, sticks, patties and fillets are not fish)
Ashley was quite surprised to find what was inside the fux fish, it was  an old tool that belonged to my great grandfather he evidently made it using a spare wagon spring (Yes, as in horse drawn wagon). This tool is really thin at the ends, curved and wide enough to pull up trim work without hurting the trim to use it again when your already large family gets even bigger and you need to move some walls and add on to the house. Even Ashley was impressed by it, he  said he was going to place it in with his tools.

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