Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Local Author

I had no clue that we had such a talented person here in town. Why is it that everything else gets media attention around here (like sports, livestock) but we never get to hear about any book deals with authors in our area. Her book has been out for almost two years now and has slipped by under the radar of everyone, you would think that that would be news worthy in this small town. I only found out about it because she gave a autographed copy to my husband and then I quickly snached it from him and read it (which only took a day to read). 

Hallie went from being the manager in a doctor’s office to a wife in a marriage, where she found out that there were many more worlds on the planet than she had ever known before. Rape, adultery, secrets, blackmail and threats laced the long, lonely days of confinement on an isolated ranch where she was imprisoned. There was no room for innocence, trust or confidence. When she found keys to a pickup and fled, she had no idea what would happen. Later, she was found badly beaten, raped and left for dead—attacked by her husband. Then she found him, wrecked in a ravine…

This book really did take me by surprise, I will admit after reading the above description I was sceptical to if I would really like it but, I read it anyways and my assumptions were proven wrong. It really is a love story and it got me thinking of the whole idea of being devoted to just one person no matter what happens and the saving oneself for the person who God intended you to be with. When I read it I wasn't aware of who was deceiving who and who the good guys were or if there were any but in the end it all comes full circle and turns out alright. I will say it did take me some time to think about what I had read to fully appreciate it and the more I thought about it the more I liked it. 

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And then there were 5... said...

Thanks for the recommendation - I have never heard of this book either. You have sparked my curiosity :)