Saturday, January 19, 2013

All Creatures Sleep

A mess of pictures of my creatures asleep!
Buttercup sound asleep, its a pose only her master could love.

Long day for Christopher.

Ashley (master of buttercup) and his baby (Buttercup)! Elizabeth is there to, she didn't like the idea of Buttercup snuggling with Ashley and was trying to get his attention.

Daniel is faking sleep trying to be funny. Each cushion has a animal.

Taffy and Elizabeth on a bath towel, Taffy is the only pet that likes Elizabeth.

Daniel returning from Amarillo. Him and brother got handcuffs, look close the cuffs are attached to the door. I snapped a few pictures then woke them to remove the cuffs.

Christopher fell asleep on the way home with his on too, so I took his picture before waking him up.

Buttercup throwing a fit by curling up under a blanket. Cause of fit: she did not get to have Taffy's chew.

Just to be fair this is one of me January 2011

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