Saturday, February 9, 2013

Daniel Shoots

Daniel and his dual action riffle/shotgun, he changes out the barrel. He prefers riffle option.
Circled in blue is what Daniel was shooting, it is a "Self Resetting Target". You shoot the bottom 4 that hang down, then hit the top one and the whole thing resets. Its perfect if you being lazy and don't want to go reset yourself. Circled in green is the set up for Christopher's BB gun. The orange dangling things are made of rubber, if you shoot those with a riffle it will tare them up.


Little Brother let him have a few tries at his BB gun.

Being that Daniel is more experienced, only the tan of the target counted when he used brothers gun.

This is a proud moment! He's being funny, its a hole from shotgun spray.
One of his bullets ripped the top of the box Daniel and Christopher had their targets taped to.
Maybe next time little brother will let Daniel have more time in to shoot.

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