Friday, February 8, 2013

Rootin Shootin Christopher Cowboy

I took the boys to my fathers farm and all Christopher wanted to do is shoot his BB gun.
It was COLD early in the morning when we first went out. He had on a long sleeve shirt, jacket and a coat.

The target looks real close in these pictures but they are a good distance away. He was able to lose the coat because the temperature reached about 82f.

Marking his holes with a different color pen as every one else. Only the tan target and inner white paper counted for Christopher.

Running back from marking holes.

Not for sure if he was excited about how well he was doing.

Happy that he could and did use up a whole container (cardboard tube) of BB's.

He needed some rest after a long day of standing shooting his gun so he climbed some scaffolding to sit.
We started at 10am and he ran out of BB's at about 6pm, we had a 30-45 minutes lunch break.

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