Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Days Harvest

 I get this tub full once a day when I pick in the mornings, sometimes I do another picking in the evening and fill it up again. I pick ALL turning tomatoes when I see them, if I don't by the end of the day they are fully ripe and will drop off down under the plants. If a green tomato drops it goes into the tub too it will ripen with in two days. When I go out to pick these bad boys my tub is usually empty, it is hard to keep these because they get eaten right away by the men around here.

 This was an accident waiting to happen! Notice the yellow "Pear tomato" and the red "Cherry tomato" well when I got these tomato plants I had no idea what plant was what in other words I knew they where tomato's but what kind was the mystery. So, I planted a Pear next to a Cherry and got a "Pink Peary Tomato" and the best part of this is that they have the great distinct taste of  a cherry tomato and the juiciness of a pear tomato. When I first discovered what had happened I did not think that these "Pearys" were ripe but then I tasted one and WOW.

This is part of the area where my tomatoes are all mixed up with other plants such as peppers and pumpkins. The story behind my mystery tomato plants is they were donated to my garden from a friend that owns a green house. She was through selling plants for the season and had left over tomato and pepper plants that were not marked. I guess when her green house was open people would come in and buy a tomato plant and if it did not have a marker they took the markers out of other plants. So, none of the plants that I received were marked but I did not mind I was for a surprise.

 Some of the peppers that we have been enjoying here lately. Since locking up the fences and putting up no trespassing signs we have not had a problem with the "veggie bandit".

Fun fact: Some of my Pepper plants are as tall as I am.

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amy wright said...

My kids would love your house. They are tomato lovers.