Monday, September 13, 2010

Re Classified Pumpkin

 Well, our pumpkins are not Cinderellas like the "uh um" Pumpkin Guy said they were. 
I looked these up they are a Lumina Pumpkin. 

Seasons/AvailabilityPopular for Halloween and Thanksgiving, festive pumpkins are available early October through November. A truly unique pumpkin, just imagine the novel jack-o'-lantern made from this pumpkin's natural ghostly look to celebrate Halloween.

Current Facts
The pumpkin grows from bite-size to large enough to feed a fleet of men. Reports have documented an eight hundred pound pumpkin recently grew in an apparently very large vegetable patch.

White pumpkins offer a delightful change from the common orange pumpkin with its unusual off-white color. Festive and ornamental, the alluring edible white pumpkin has an orange flesh that offers a mild flavor.

Nutritional Value
Offering vitamin A, pumpkin contains vitamin C, potassium, fiber and some iron. Eating five daily servings of vegetables and fruits lowers the chances of cancer. A recent study found that eating nine or ten daily servings of vegetables and fruits, combined with three servings of low-fat dairy products, were effective in lowering blood pressure.

Perfect for decorating, white pumpkins are rapidly becoming a favorite for Halloween. Sporting a white skin, this unusual pumpkin provides a natural "ghostly" color for painting scary faces.  They're great for carving and even better for painting. They provide great contrast in fall gourd and pumpkin displays. They're elegant unadorned as a table centerpiece. Monogrammed white pumpkins are even being used as wedding decorations. Pumpkins make delicious custard, pies, bars, cookies, muffins, soup and various tasty pumpkin-flavored desserts. Although white on the exterior, surprisingly, this white pumpkin's flesh is orange and has excellent flavor. Joining classic orange pumpkins, the festive white pumpkin offers an attractive contrast when used as an ornamental decoration especially for fall holidays. Use the same as squash. Pumpkins are subject to chilling at low temperatures.

In the United States, pumpkin is mainly served as a dessert. In Australia, it is a main course meal, very rarely used in sweets. In Belgium, pumpkins are used mainly as decoration.In North China, pumpkin isn't eaten; in South China, it is. In Canton, pumpkin is used to make soup, congee and other dishes. In Shandong province, there is a factory that makes pumpkin flour, a favorite culinary item in Japan. White pumpkins are specially bred for their white color and have a relatively short growing period yielding about nine ghostly pumpkins per plant in eighty days.

Also Known As: albino pumpkin, ghost pumpkin, Snowball, Casper, Lumina, Baby Boo, Cotton Candy Pumpkin
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