Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hyster Sister

For those of you that are really close to me you know that I have not been feeling well, and some others knew that I was in the hospital last week. Yes, I was in the hospital, I had to have a Hysterectomy. I am nine days out and am still filling the pain of having it done BUT, I feel 50% better than what I was before. No more medicines (Two different hormone prescriptions), no more migraines (this was caused by the hormones and I had a prescription for it too) and hopefully my arrhythmia will calm down due to the medicines I was taking. I was givin a two year "Lets get this sorted out" time line by my doctors before they would do any cutting and the time came and went. As it turned out I more than qualified for it but they were too scared to make such a suggestion, in fact it was me that finally said look enough is enough. So, here I am feeling better and I am ready to say sorry to all of those people that thought I was just "A Hormonal Woman On A Rampage" because I really was. I am sorry for all of the commitments that I broke because I did not feel well, I am sorry I did not tell those of you I was disappointing (LD) what was really going on. Truthfully I was terrified that if I used what energy I had on things outside the home I would not have enough for my family and I really did not feel deserving of feeling better. Even though I had my doubts about going through with it I am glad I did, now its healing time.

To end I will leave you will something a nurse said to comfort me before I went to surgery: "I know who you are, YOU are mom. The loving mom that sits with her child when he is in the hospital and won't leave his side. The mom that has the best little patient ever, he learned that from someone. Moms get sick too, its your turn to get better." It did make me feel better, I then relaxed and knew yes I did deserve to feel better.

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