Monday, January 23, 2012

Can you Propagate a twig?

Last year I told someone that when I propagated clippings from my fertile Valiant grape vines I would give them all the ones that I did not need when I was done. I told them that there would be a chance that none of them would take and there wouldn't be any to share but if they did I only needed two of the ten. So with high hopes last fall (Octoberish) I waited for the perfect day to do the trimming of the vines.  I would be wasting the small tops of the vine clippings (4-6") and really who wants to let twigs go to waste. This is when I got an idea to go ahead and see if I could propagate them too. Now this was just a fun experiment so I was not going to be upset if nothing happened nor was I losing anything by trying. Last week I took all clippings out and put them into a room with "some sun light" and waited a few days to see if they would respond. The big clippings looked as if there was some swelling of the buds, the twigs nothing. Today I went to look and the bigger clipping still were looking the same but with more swelling buds. The twigs, well two of them have massive swollen buds that are cracked open to let roots grow from them. 

So the lesson I learned, don't under estimate the things you think are of little significance, those are the things that have the most promise.

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I have missed reading your blog!!!