Monday, December 19, 2011

Simple Search - Nativity Scene

Wooden rectangle Blocks (Jesus is a triangular block)

Butter, need I say more!

Chickens - Which came first the chicken or....... wait a minute.

Dogs - although the dogs are cute, I have a problem with them portrayed as having humanly traits.

Bacon and Sausage, YUMMO, No not really! Now if that is sour kraut on the bottom I'm game.

Dough, this could be a kids version, but something tells me it's not.

Lego - My Favorite by default, I have all boys so this must be my favorite.

Paper Cubee heads - This strange arrangement is also a Free printable found here at 7ater's Cubees

Shot gun Shells  - This ones a real blast

I don't know what this one is or if they were trying to be artistic. It sort of reminds me of a toilet brush cover.

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