Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Proud Gardeners

Daniel has been getting all exited here lately about Christopher and his watermelons. The melons have just started to take off in the last two weeks and everyday they get examined by the boys to see just how much they have grown. These picture were  taking right before I flooded their melon patch  for them to pull weeds.

I have let them have a patch to grow melons in the past last year they didn't they didn't want to do them because it was a lot of work for them. This year we are using seeds that I have crossed breed between a small sweet and a seedless. We did this type two years ago and the harvest was unbelievable and we had to let some of them go to waste because we could not eat all of them.

I guess they missed having watermelons last year that they are willing to do a lot of work to keep these ones up. I have caught them in the patch counting the big ones and pointing out the new blooms that will turn into ones. 

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